Hello everyone from Mrs Lee

This has been a very busy term. We have been learning about the economy and how ‘ money makes the world go around’.  We have researched Australian currency and the important figures on it. New vocabulary has challenged us but has also provided new experiences and concepts. Last week we opened our own businesses and traded for the first time. Fun was had by all, however, when the time came to look at our profits we agreed that some people will need to modify what they are doing or they will be living on the streets in no time. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all ends at the finish of the term. Hopefully we will all survive and all have grasped a better understanding of how money works and how we can be smarter with it.

2 thoughts on “Hello everyone from Mrs Lee

  1. Hello Mrs Lee,
    I think Earn and Learn is a very interesting topic and I have learnt a lot about money and how hard it is to be an adult. I wish that this topic could go on longer because it is really fun! I don’t want to grow up anymore!

  2. Hi Mrs Lee and Ms Ford! Long time no talk c: ! I was wondering if you had the picture that the Year 6’s in our class took last year for the Graduation presentation. If you do, could you possibly send it to me? Preferably, all of them, I don’t have much pictures of the class last year, unfortunately. My email should be shown with the comment. If not, I’ll comment it down!

    P.S – I miss both of you teaching me :c

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