15 thoughts on “A Day Made Of Glass

  1. Hi Mrs Lee,
    I think glass technology is only the beginning, and that there is more to come! The glass technology is simple and seamless, and could possibly run our lives! We will just have to wait and see what the future holds!

  2. Hi Mrs Lee.

    The video was interesting the fact that nearly all of the technology in the video are linked together in a way. I liked the phone because it can be used with things like a table or the flexible glass.
    I think our future will have technology in our everyday lives, but we can’t know until we see what will happen. I still like this generation than the one in say 20 years!

  3. When me and my mum Watched “A Day Made of Glass” My mum was a amazed like me when I first watched it. When I learnt that the scientist would also make a teleporting device I disapproved because if you did teleport means you wouldn’t have physical strength that much. ” A Day Made of Glass ” Made me curious about how they made something so clear although it looked like they just made it a normal piece of glass.

    Mum and I Watched ” Its a Book ” by Lane Smith and mum was saying that it was funny and she taught me to not use my iPhone (That I got on the 17th November My Birthday) and my iPad too much or i might get my eyes injured bye looking at my iPad too much. The video had taught my brother a lesson when i let him watch it too!

    Thank you Mrs Lee.

  4. I feel as if this would entirely change classroom education and our daily lifestyle. It’s quite amazing to think that students worldwide might be using this technology in the future! The ideas shown in the video are very creative. Touch screens are being used by people nowadays, it seems reasonable that glass can also be used as an resource for this future technology.

  5. Wow! That would be amazing if our whole world was using glass for like EVERYTHING! It would be great to have my entire life be controlled by glass. This was a great post Mrs Lee.

  6. Dear Mrs Lee,
    I am truly amazed by all the technology in this video. I wonder how they put in all the circuts and wires that enable electronics to work but still have the glass transparent. I also wonder how they make the glass flexible. I really think these inventions can change man kind in a good way because instead of using plastic we are using glass wich can be recycled. Even though these inventions are great and all but I think that it is important that we interact with things other than glass all day long.

  7. Hi mrs Lee my parents loved ‘A day made from glass’ they though it was all very cool with all the flexible glass and the see through phones.
    I’m also very sorry that couldn’t do it yesterday.

  8. The video ‘A Day Made Out Of Class’ is fantastic! I like the stove. I wish we all had those kinds of things these days. It would be amazing.

  9. WOW! ‘A Day Made In Glass’is really interesting. I can’t wait to show my parent. I mostly like the technology and it is the kitchen part that is very cool. I can’t wait to see that video turn into reality.

  10. The video “A Day Made Of Glass” was a really interesting. It looked like good fun, especially the kitchen bench that becomes like a phone screen. This videoshows us what the future could be like.

  11. Wow,The Video “A Day Made Of Glass” is a wonderful video. It shows how technology can change our life and maybe even change the world.

  12. ‘A day made of Glass’ is amazing technology; but have you considered if it is harming our environment? It could be harming our environment in many different ways like pollution and could be harming yourself with to much technology.

  13. The video was amazing! Wow, who knew glass could be used to make such great thing that we can use for our lives and how covenient it be to have that technology around now.
    This technology would change the whole world forever because with all the advance technology no one would use the basic things that we use today.

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