5 thoughts on “It’s A Book

  1. Hello Mrs Lee.

    From this story I think that technology has taken a big part in our daily lives. I think the donkey has been reading on laptops or any other device. I prefer books because books have a certain smell and it gets you into the story more than laptops because they can get you carried away with all the utilities!

  2. The video questions the future of books. The donkey represents the current technological society and the ape represents books. Many kids are more interested in the Internet and have lost interest in books. However, when the donkey started reading he enjoyed it instantly and didn’t want to stop showing that, as long as books are engaging they cannot be replaced.

  3. This post was funny but it also teaches us that technology is taking over our lives. Sooner or later book will disappear. I hope this won’t happen though.

  4. Dear Mrs Lee,
    I thought the video waas really funny. But it also had a great message on how today so many people use elctronics to find information instead of reading books. Also by watching this I realized that books will one day be of no use because of all the technology that is being invented in today’s society.

  5. Hi mrs Lee its me again and my parents also loved this one it just goes to show that books are very easy to use then those wiry machines.

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