14 thoughts on “Anti Smoking

  1. I think that smoking is a definitely bad for you, it can make a big change to your health and body and it is also never too late to stop smoking!

  2. WOW I learnt so much about smoking, thanks to the video. I learnt that if you stop smoking for 20 minutes, your heart rate and your blood pressure drops. If you stop for 12 hours, your carbon monoxide will drop as well. If you stop smoking for 2 weeks, your circulation and lung functions improves. If you stop for 1 month, your cough and shortness of breath will decrees.

  3. This topic is quite fascinating. I didn’t know that the smoke you breathe in would go around your whole body. I didn’t know you breathe in over seven thousand chemicals in either. It is amazing that your body can heal after you quit smoking.

  4. From this video, I learnt that smoking cannot only give affect your lungs, but it can affect your whole body. Alongside lung cancer, smoking can also increase chances of having bladder cancer. However, if quitting is considered, the diseases can have adverse effects, making our way to become healthier people again.

  5. Wow! I never knew that just from one puff of a cigarette is inhaling 7,000 chemicals.
    I also learnt that smoking affects your lungs and can even cause bladder cancer.
    Great Video!

  6. Hi Mrs Lee,

    I told my uncle to quit smoking but he couldn’t. After I watched this video I won’t smoke when I grow up, well I didn’t planned to smoke because my dad doesn’t. I will follow my dad good habits.

  7. This video was very interesting because he tells house about the affect that happens when you smoke.

    The one information that I like is when he said that if you smoke you can get bladder cancer. I chose this because I want to learn more about all the affect of all the other type of cancer and how the nurses and doctors help find a cure to it.

  8. What I found very interesting was the diagram the TV show showed us and the information he gave to the audience about smoking. It fascinated me that how one cigarette can do so much damage to a humans body and also how many chemicals is in one little cigarette. Another thing that interesting me was how people are addicted to something so bad and the fact that those people can’t live without it. The consequences of having a cigarette were very threatening.


  9. Hi Mrs Lee,
    This video was fascinating, I never knew that smoking can be that effective. Like when you smoke one puff, your inhaling 7 thousand chemicals and that effects your whole body!

  10. WOW! I really learnt a lot of lessons from one five minute video. I didn’t know that smoking can affect so many parts on the body! This video made me realize that smoking is a very dangerous thing.

  11. Hi Mrs Lee,
    Thank you for posting that video and I learnt a lot when I was watching it. Did you know that when you breathe in 7000 chemicals when you smoke once? Did you also know that it doesn’t just affect your lungs but it affects everywhere around your body even your bladder?

    From Duc Tri

  12. Dear Mrs Lee,
    My Dad smokes. I see that in the video smoking is not good for your body so I am
    going to tell my Dad to stop smoking and hopefully he will stop smoking.

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