18 thoughts on “Who Do You Share Your Details With?

  1. Dear Mrs Lee and Ford,

    I like the song that we are using for the assembly and I hope we are ready for assembly.

    From your happy and great student Nick.

  2. Hi Mrs Lee,

    This is a very good song. I really think that this song will help people think of what they have posted on their social media apps.

  3. Hi Miss lee,

    I really like this song because it tells us about what to do and it tells us who do you share you details with?. I hope that everyone at the assembly will like this song

  4. THIS SONG IS AWESOME! I practice it and almost know it by heart! I think this song is cool and encouraging young people not to put their profile online!

  5. I think the song is great Mrs Lee. I think everyone is going to try their best to sing the song and I think our assembly will be great.

  6. Dear Mrs Lee and Mrs Ford,

    It’s a FUN way to learn about Cyber Safety.
    I can’t wait for our assembly.
    But I hope it doesn’t go wrong or bad.
    The song is very catchy.



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